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Our mission, at Jasmine Beauty School (San Diego), is to provide quality education and appropriate instruction to our students. We aim to prepare them for employment in cosmetology and related fields.

Our objectives at the school are to provide education to all those who are willing to learn, to teach cosmetology-related subjects thoroughly, to teach students important aspects of cosmetology professionalism and smart business practice, and to prepare our students for a successful career in the beauty industry by providing them with necessary education to pass the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology examinations and obtain a proper license.

What sets us apart from other beauty schools in the San Diego area is that we are highly student-focused. Our program lengths and schedules are optimized for students’ benefit, so they can manage their education while working or fulfilling other duties.

At Jasmine Beauty School, we want to give you all the information you need to find the programs and courses best for you. Provided is our most current course catalog, which outlines all the courses we offer, what they provide, and explains in details the exceptional education experience you’ll be receiving at our San Diego campus.

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This comprehensive report provides a detailed overview of Jasmine Beauty School’s operations and achievements. It highlights key milestones, student successes, faculty accomplishments, and the school’s impact on the beauty industry.

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Jasmine Beauty School’s Annual Highlights and Achievements

Course 2019 2020 2021
Barber PDF Eng Eng | Vie Eng | Vie
Cross Over Barber Eng Eng | Vie Eng | Vie
Cosmetology PDF Eng Eng | Vie Eng | Vie
Cross Over Cosmetology PDF Eng Eng | Vie Eng | Vie
Esthetician PDF Eng Eng | Vie Eng | Vie
Manicuring PDF Eng Eng | Vie Eng | Vie
Manicuring 600 hrs PDF Eng | Vie Eng | Vie
Massage Therapy PDF Eng Eng | Vie Eng | Vie
Microblading PDF Eng | Vie Eng | Vie

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